Tesla cancels Model S Plaid+ version with a range of 840 kilometers

Tesla is not taking the Plaid+ version of the Model S into production after all. This model would become the top model in the Model S range, with a range of more than 840 kilometers and a power of more than 1100 hp. Tesla showed this version in January. CEO Elon Musk writes on Twitter … Read more

Ford Introduces F-150 Electric Pickup Truck That Can Return 9.6kW

Ford is coming to the US with the F-150 Lightning, an electrically powered variant of its F-150 pickup truck. What is striking is the capacity to return a total of 9.6 kW, with which the vehicle can serve as a home battery to provide the entire house with power. There will be two different battery … Read more

Ford introduces electric F-150 pick-up truck that can feed back 9.6kW

Ford is arriving in the US with the F-150 Lightning, an electric-powered variant of its F-150 pick-up truck. What is striking is the capacity to supply a total of 9.6kW, with which the vehicle can serve as a home battery to power the entire house. There will be two different battery options, Ford reports. The … Read more

FIA presents guidelines for GT electric racing class with fast charging pit stops

FIA, the International Federation of Various Motor Sports, announces guidelines for an electric GT class. Manufacturers can use batteries that support fast charging with 700 kW, which should make it possible to recharge in a few minutes. Cars in the GT electric class must be based on production models and the conversion of GT3 models … Read more

Audi shows concept of A6 e-tron with range of ‘more than 700 km’

Audi shows a concept of its A6 e-tron. The electric car will be built on the PPE platform developed together with Porsche, with an 800V charging system. The concept model has several LED projectors. A production version will be released at the end of 2022. Audi calls the A6 e-tron concept version a multi-model study … Read more

Ninebot wants to make electric Segway hydrogen motorcycle

Segway parent company Ninebot has published concept images of a Segway motorcycle to run on hydrogen. According to Segway, the engine will actually be built and should be available from 2023. The Segway Apex H2 has a futuristic design where hydrogen can be added through interchangeable metal capsules. These are apparently easy to add to … Read more

Serious Sam 2 gets major update 15 years after release with new weapons and levels

Developer Croteam has released a ‘surprise update’ for Serious Sam 2. The fifteen-year-old game gets new weapons, gameplay improvements and twelve new multiplayer levels. The game hadn’t received any updates in years. Croteam writes on Steam that Serious Sam 2 has always had a special place in their hearts and that Nathan Brown, one of … Read more

MG gives electric station wagon 5 Electric range of more than 400 kilometers

Automaker MG has announced a new version of the 5 Electric with an updated design and longer range. The MG5 Electric will have a range of more than 400 km based on the WLTP standard, about sixty kilometers more than the current version. The renewed MG5 Electric is also coming to more European markets, MG … Read more

Hyundai introduces Ioniq 5 with 800V battery and range of up to 480km

Hyundai has presented the Ioniq 5, a fully electric crossover with a 58kWh or 73kWh battery. Buyers can choose from rear-wheel or four-wheel drive. The top model with a number of options costs 58,995 euros including VAT. Delivery will start in summer 2021. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is available in four versions, with a choice … Read more

Tesla shows new interior Model S and X with modified steering wheel without levers

Tesla has released images of the interior of the updated Model S and X. This shows that there is a modified design for a steering wheel, which no longer has a round shape or handles. There would also be a pretty powerful computer for games. Tesla refers to the steering wheel with the term ‘Yoke … Read more