British privacy watchdog wants to fine Clearview of 20 million euros

Britain’s privacy watchdog plans to fine Clearview ¬£17 million. The company allegedly violated British privacy law by applying facial recognition to citizens in the country. The Information Commissioner’s Office of ICO writes that this is a preliminary decision. The ICO has investigated the American company Clearview AI, which is also active in the United Kingdom. … Read more

Future Chromebooks may get an option to warn about peepers

Future Chromebooks may have a feature that allows the laptop camera to see if people are watching. Then it may be able to warn the user or lower the screen brightness automatically. This feature could be enabled with a snooping protection flag in chrome://flags if it becomes available, 9to5Google discovered. The site reports that a … Read more

European Parliament committee votes for law against dominance tech giants

The European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection has voted in favor of the Digital Markets Act that aims to limit the power of large tech companies with a gatekeeper position. The European Parliament will vote on the law in December. The proposal focuses on large companies that offer ‘core platform services’, … Read more

Max Schrems Foundation files corruption complaint against Irish privacy watchdog

Privacy activist Max Schrems’ noyb foundation has filed a corruption complaint against the Irish privacy regulator. The Data Protection Commissioner in the country is said to have engaged in ‘procedural extortion’ by asking noyb to step out of a lawsuit, according to the foundation. Noyb has filed the complaint with the Austrian Bureau for Corruption … Read more

German state wants to replace Windows and Office with Linux and LibreOffice

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein wants to replace all Microsoft Office software with open source software within four years. The computers will run LibreOffice and browser software. All Windows computers will also run on Linux. The state will transfer at least 25,000 systems to open source software, said Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht in an interview … Read more

Instagram and Messenger won’t get end-to-end encryption by default until 2023

Meta won’t enable end-to-end encryption by default for chats within Facebook Messenger and Instagram until 2023. The company previously said it plans to do so by 2022. In its own words, Meta wants to come up with ‘solutions’ to prevent abuse. “We’re taking the time to get this right and we don’t plan to enable … Read more

DuckDuckGo launches beta feature that blocks third-party tracking on Android

DuckDuckGo introduces App Tracking Protection, a beta feature for its Android app that blocks third-party tracking from other Android apps. With the feature, the company wants to give users a choice of whether or not to allow third-party tracking on Android. App Tracking Protection for Android will block requests to transfer data to third parties … Read more

Microsoft Releases Defender for Business Endpoint Suite for Small Businesses

Microsoft is releasing a separate security suite for small businesses. Defender for Business is an endpoint package for businesses up to 300 employees and is primarily intended for malware protection. The new package should be a cheaper version of Defender for Endpoint that is mainly aimed at large companies. Microsoft writes that Defender for Business … Read more

Yahoo to cease offering services in China due to ‘troublesome legislation’

Yahoo’s services and websites have been unavailable in China since Monday. The company says it is doing this because of the “business and legal situation that is becoming increasingly difficult” in the country. A few weeks ago, Microsoft stopped using LinkedIn in China. Users who now go to a Yahoo site in China will be … Read more