Mozilla lets Firefox take over from Lockwise password manager on mobile

Mozilla is ending support for its Lockwise password manager for Android and iOS. The functions of this are now largely also in the Firefox browser on those platforms and it must therefore take over those responsibilities. Mozilla has announced that Lockwise will no longer be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store … Read more

Epic: Google set up task force over Fortnite and exaggerated vulnerability

Google set up a task force to figure out how the company should deal with how Epic Games was distributing Fortnite to Android users. This game was not published on Google Play, but was available for download on Epic’s website. The task force was established in August 2018 and met daily, writes the Financial Times, … Read more

Netflix makes Netflix Games available on iOS from Wednesday

Netflix Games will also be available for iOS from Wednesday. The games are part of the Netflix subscription and can be played at no extra cost. The apps can be installed from the App Store. Netflix Games was announced last week and is now also coming to Apple devices. From Wednesday, the five games that … Read more

Mark Gurman: Netflix games appear individually in Apple’s App Store

Tech journalist Mark Gurman claims Netflix Games’ mobile games will come individually to Apple’s App Store and, like Android, will need to be downloaded separately from the digital store. He claims that after having seen the code of the Netflix app for iOS. If a user clicks on a game’s icon in the Netflix app … Read more

Google unveils plans for alternative payment methods in Korean Play Store

Google has unveiled its plans to offer alternative payment methods on the Play Store in South Korea. Developers who choose to do so pay four percentage points less commission to Google. At checkout, a pop-up will appear with a choice between the various payment methods that are possible, reports Google. The pop-up will appear on … Read more

Netflix will offer games on Android as part of its subscription

On Tuesday, Netflix takes the first concrete step towards offering games as part of its subscription. The streaming service will offer games for Android users via the Netflix app. Netflix CEO Mike Verdu explains what Netflix Games will entail. Initially, the games will only come to Android and anyone can play the games from the … Read more

Microsoft brings revamped Microsoft Store with Win32 apps to W10 testers

Microsoft has made the revamped Microsoft Store, which debuted with Windows 11, available to testers of Windows 10. The digital store contains a wider selection of apps than the Windows 10 Store. Those who want to try the new store can sign up for the Windows 10 Release Preview Insider channel, inside the OS. That’s … Read more

Tool enables use of Google Play Store on Windows 11

A tool has appeared that makes it possible to use download store Google Play Store on Windows 11. Windows 11 will receive support for Android apps, but officially it works through an integration with the Amazon App Store. The tool is available as WSAGAScript on GitHub. The developer emphasizes that the tool is intended for … Read more

Google will reduce in-app subscription fees to 15 percent by 2022

As of 2022, Google will reduce the Google Play commission that developers have to pay for in-app subscriptions from 30 to 15 percent. E-book and music streaming services are eligible to pay a “up to 10 percent” commission. Currently, Android developers pay a 30 percent commission on the Google Play app store when a customer … Read more

Apple removes Quran app in China from App Store at government request

A widely used app that allows users to read texts from the Quran has been removed from the App Store in China at the request of the government. The app is said to contain “illegal religious texts,” according to the Communist Party. The Apple Censorship website noticed the deletion first, and Apple confirmed to BBC … Read more