MIT is developing a sleep tracker that measures location with radio waves

The research institute MIT has developed a way to measure people’s sleeping behavior with radio waves. The person’s posture can be measured by reflecting the wireless signals. The applications are mainly in the medical field. MIT has explained his find on its website. It is a device that can be mounted on the wall, and … Read more

Radboudumc is investigating the use of smartwatch to detect coronavirus

Radboudumc is working together with Google subsidiary Verily to investigate whether cases of the corona virus can be determined on the basis of measurements with a smartwatch. The Radboudumc’s existing Parkinson’s research group is used for this. Verily smartwatch The watch measures the heart rate and the electrical resistance of the skin, says research leader … Read more

Neuralink wants to use a robot to apply thousands of flexible electrodes to the brain

Neuralink wants to implant up to 3000 flexible electrodes deep in the human brain by means of a robot. The company founded by Elon Musk in 2016 has presented its progress so far. It should primarily help with disorders. By applying a lot of thin wires, communication between the brain and a computer has to … Read more

Looking through walls?

Researchers at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology have succeeded. They developed artificial intelligence software that can be looked through walls. How is that even possible? Radio waves The system uses radio waves that reflect people and also pass through walls. A neural network is trained to make simple dynamic skeletons of seated, walking and talking … Read more

Apple Watch can be used for signaling Parkinson's symptoms

Apple has released a so-called Movement Disorder api for the open-source RearchKit framework, with which the Apple Watch can be used to monitor certain Parkinson’s symptoms. With the Movement Disorder api, app developers using ResearchKit get the possibility to have an Apple Watch running on watchOS 5 passively and during the entire day monitor any … Read more

Apple Watch can be used to detect Parkinson’s symptoms

Apple has released a so-called Movement Disorder API for the open source ResearchKit framework, which allows the Apple Watch to be used to monitor certain symptoms of Parkinson’s. With the Movement Disorder API, app developers using ResearchKit will have the ability to passively monitor an Apple Watch running on watchOS 5 and monitor any symptoms … Read more

TU/e is working on a chip for eeg wearable that patients can use at home

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology are working on an economical EEG chip that epilepsy and Parkinson’s patients can use at home to register brain activity. The chip is to be used in a portable system that can analyze EEG signals. A paper from the researchers reveals that the plan is to use the ARM … Read more

Scientists are working on an implant that should stimulate memory

American scientists are working on a device that can be implanted in the brain and help form memories. By stimulating targeted areas of the brain with electrical pulses, patients with brain damage can be helped. The research is being led by neuroscientists from Penn University in Philadelphia, Technology Review describes. With their experiments, they want … Read more

Researchers stimulate deep brain tissue with heat and magnets

MIT researchers have devised a way to stimulate tissue deep in the brain without having to implant permanent electrodes. This benefit may provide a better understanding of intact brain regions and aid in the treatment of neurological disorders. Currently, doctors perform brain stimulation treatments with electrical pulses in people with Parkinson’s. These treatments work, but … Read more

Fans Ask Nintendo To Name Zelda Character After Robin Williams – Update

Fans have asked Nintendo to include Robin Williams’ name in a new Zelda game. The actor died by suicide this week and was a big fan of the series. The Nintendo supporters have started a petition, which has now been signed more than 90,000 times. With this they almost reach the desired number of 100,000 … Read more