HMD gives Nokia smartphones from 2017 years longer updates

The Finnish HMD Global is giving the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 from 2017 updates for a year longer than it previously promised. From October, the updates will come every three months until October 2020. Support for the Nokia 2 from 2017 will end this fall. HMD promised two years of security updates when … Read more

HMD will store data from all Nokia smartphones on Google servers in Finland

HMD will store Nokia smartphone activation and performance data on Google Cloud servers in Finland. The manufacturer says it does this to ensure safety and to comply with the GDPR. It would also lead to faster updates. HMD starts storing the data from the Nokia 4.2, 3.2 and 2.2 on the Finnish servers. Later, data … Read more

HMD may discontinue Nokia Plus phones

HMD will reduce the number of Nokia phones with the Plus designation or even stop with that name altogether, a CEO of HMD Global said in an interview. The naming would be confusing. For example, the direct successor to Nokia 7 Plus was called Nokia 8.1 and not Nokia 7.1 and that is something that … Read more

HMD: Nokia 7 Plus phone data forwarding to China server went by accident

The transfer of data from Nokia 7 Plus phones in various European countries to a server in China happened by accident. That is what manufacturer HMD Global claims. That software should only have been on Chinese models. The error resulted in the code for Chinese models on a batch of devices for the European market, … Read more

Nokia 7 Plus sent personal data to Chinese state-owned company

The Nokia 7 Plus has forwarded private data to some of the users to Chinese state-owned company China Telecom. This has been confirmed by manufacturer HMD Global. The Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman is investigating whether HMD has violated the GDPR. Norwegian public broadcaster NRK writes that a reader observed data forwarding while monitoring network traffic … Read more

HMD releases beta version of Android 9 for Nokia 8

HMD has started to release Android 9.0 Pie for the Nokia 8. It is not yet about the final version. Previously, the Nokia 7 Plus already received the update for the latest version of the Android operating system. Juho Sarvikas, the chief product officer for Nokia phones at HMD, says on Twitter that the upgrade … Read more

Google releases Digital Wellbeing for Android One devices with Pie

Google released the Digital Wellbeing app for Android One devices with Android 9.0 Pie. There are not much of that for now. The app is intended to monitor smartphone use and to curb it if necessary. With the changelog┬áby Digital Wellbeing in┬áthe Play Store, this stands for a beta Pixel phone or Android One device … Read more

‘Nokia 7.1 with notch in screen comes to Europe for 350 euros’

Renders have been released of the Nokia 7.1, a device from HMD with a 5.84″ screen that has a notch. The device is expected to come to Europe and cost about 350 euros. If that’s true, it will be HMD’s first Nokia. device with such a ‘notch’ for the European market. The German website WinFuture … Read more

HMD releases Android 9 for Nokia 7 Plus

HMD has started releasing Android 9.0 Pie for the Nokia 7 Plus. This is the final version. After the Pixel phones from Google and the OnePlus 6, the device is one of the first smartphones to receive the new Android version. Juho Sarvikas, responsible for HMD’s Nokia phones, says on Twitter that the upgrade to … Read more

Google releases second beta of Android P with final release api's

Google released the second beta of Android P for supported smartphones. This includes the final version of the api’s, allowing developers to adapt their apps to the new version of the operating system. The new beta follows four weeks after the previous one, reports Google . The final version of the APIs ensures that Google … Read more