5 Most Common Mobile Programming Languages

There is an increasing demand for software developers and computer scientists worldwide as new technologies continue to evolve. Moreover, there is increased competition in the field as many people have been entering. If you want to be in the field of Computer Science, you need to have a robust understanding of programming languages. If you’re … Read more

EU proposal: Apps and sites should show why users see political ad

The European Commission is proposing rules to enforce more transparency in political advertisements. For example, users must be able to see how much a party has paid for an advertisement and on the basis of which the user is targeted. Targeting based on, among other things, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation will be banned … Read more

Microsoft will deactivate OneDrive app on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 in March 2022

Microsoft reports that the OneDrive application for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will no longer sync with the cloud from March 2022. Windows 8.1 is still in its extended support phase until January 10, 2023. Microsoft reports that it is shutting down the apps in order to “focus resources on new technologies and operating systems, … Read more

Apple promises to use photo scan only to detect child abuse

Apple promises to use the photo scanning feature announced last week on users’ devices only for the purpose of detecting known child abuse material. If governments want to track down other things, Apple will refuse. In its faq about the new technologies, Apple wrote on Monday that it has been refusing government requests for years … Read more

Qualcomm will have chips made by Intel from 2024

Intel will use its Foundry Services to produce chips for Qualcomm on the Intel 20A process. Intel has put that on the roadmap for 2024. Amazon Web Services will let Intel take care of the packaging of chips. It is not yet known what chips Intel will produce for Qualcomm, but the companies say yes … Read more

Intel employee: Intel DG2 GPUs for gaming ‘just around the corner’

Intel’s game developer relations engineer has confirmed that Intel’s upcoming Xe HPG graphics cards, also known as DG2, are coming soon. In a vacancy he writes that these gaming GPUs are ‘on the doorstep’. The Intel employee, Pete Brubaker, writes on Twitter: “Join us at Intel! DG2 is just around the corner and it’s going … Read more

US government: SolarWinds hack affected at least 100 companies and 9 governments

The SolarWinds hack affected at least 100 companies and nine government agencies, the US government says after its own investigation. The number could rise, but is below previous estimates of the number of companies affected. The investigation into the SolarWinds hack will continue for several months, says Anne Neuberger, who advises in the Biden administration … Read more

Ford increases investments in electric and autonomous driving to 24 billion euros

Ford is increasing its investment in the development of electric and self-driving cars. Where the plan previously invested approximately 9 billion euros in these developments, this is now around 24 billion euros. The timeline of those investments is stretched slightly: the 9 billion euros that Ford spoke about in 2018 was spread over a timeline that … Read more

Fox-IT founder Ronald Prins starts new security company

Ronald Prins, the founder of the well-known security company Fox-IT and former member of the supervisory committee for the intelligence services, starts his own security company. Ten former Fox IT employees will also start working in the company. Prins’ new company Hunt & Hackett will mainly focus on threats from ‘state actors’, Prins tells RTL Nieuws . The company claims … Read more

Google warned 40,000 times in 2019 about attacks by state hackers

Google issued 40,000 warnings of a hacking attempt by state hackers last year. That is more than a quarter less often than the year before. In one case, a group of state hackers used five zero days for an attack. Google’s Threat Analysis Group warns users if suspected state hackers attempt to break into their … Read more