Intel retires Kaby Lake-G with AMD Radeon GPU

Intel puts end-of-life status on the entire Kaby Lake G family of processors for laptops. As of January 31, 2020, the company will no longer be taking orders for the processors with Intel CPU and AMD Radeon GPU. Intel has notified its partner companies of the end-of-life statement for Kaby Lake-G with a Product Change … Read more

Intel wants to put together chip packages more flexibly with combination emib and Foveros

Intel will combine its emib and Foveros technologies to be able to put together chip packages more flexibly. In addition, the company will deploy larger through silicon vias for vertical stacking. Intel announced new technologies for flexible assembly of chip packages at the SemiconWest conference in San Francisco. According to the manufacturer, the role of … Read more

Manufacturers did not announce any laptops with AMD CPU during IFA

Despite the announcement of a large number of laptops during the last IFA exhibition in Berlin, none of these laptops contained an AMD Ryzen Mobile chip. Manufacturers give different explanations. AMD itself did not want to respond to questions from Computerbase about the absence of announcements of laptops with AMD CPUs. Acer also did not … Read more

Details of Intel NUCs with AMD Radeon 540 GPU appear online

The specifications and dollar prices of two upcoming compact Intel NUCs with Radeon GPU have appeared online. The systems include a Core i3-8121U and an AMD Radeon 540 GPU. They are the first NUCs with separate Radeon GPUs. The new Intel NUCs with type numbers NUC8i3CYSM and NUC8i3CYSN can be found at the webshop SimplyNUC. … Read more

“Intel Coffee Lake Refresh processors with eight cores will appear later this year”

In the second half of this year, Intel will reportedly release Coffee Lake Refresh processors with up to eight cores. Next year, the Comet Lake generation for ultrabooks, also produced at 14nm, would appear, in which Thunderbolt 3 is integrated. In early June, Intel announced that this year frugal Whiskey Lake U and Amber Lake … Read more

Dell Introduces Latitude and Precision Business Laptops with Intel Hexacores

Dell has unveiled new laptops in its Latitude and Precision series. Almost all models are equipped with Intel’s new Coffee Lake-H processors, with six cores. Dell also comes with a 2-in-1 in the Precision series with Kaby Lake-G chips, with integrated AMD Vega GPU. The Kaby Lake-G chips are in the Dell Precision 5530 2-in-1, … Read more

“Lack of laptops with Kaby Lake G chips may be due to Nvidia”

According to the website Notebookcheck, there may be few laptops with a Kaby Lake-G chip because of Nvidia’s Geforce Partners Program. That program would prevent manufacturers from using AMD’s Kaby Lake processor with Vega chip. The website Notebookcheck reports that it has spoken to three independent and reliable sources and they have all suggested that … Read more

Rumor: Intel releases NUC with Cannon Lake-U CPU and AMD Radeon 500 GPU

Intel is reportedly releasing a NUC mini PC codenamed Crimson Canyon, which will feature a 10nm processor in the Cannon Lake-U line. In addition, Intel would solder a GPU from AMD’s RX500 series to the motherboard of a NUC. The NUC systems are now available at some web stores and suppliers under the type names … Read more

Rumor: HP and Dell refuse to join Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program

HP and Dell refuse to sign the Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program contract and thus reserve the right not to exclusively associate their gaming brands with GeForce graphics cards. That’s what HardOCP claims. That HP and Dell are not participating with the GeForce Partner Program, HardOCP has learned from sources. What Lenovo does is not yet … Read more

Rumor: HP and Dell Refuse to Join Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program

HP and Dell refuse to sign the contract for Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program and thus reserve the right not to associate their gaming brands exclusively with GeForce graphics cards. That is what HardOCP claims. HardOCP has learned from sources that HP and Dell are not participating in the GeForce Partner Program. What Lenovo will do … Read more