Google brings virtualizations and connectivity with AWS to Anthos cloud platform

Google Anthos platform gets support for workloads in virtual machines. The company says many developers want to use the Kubernetes platform, but aren’t ready to move away from VMs completely. The feature is called Anthos for Virtual Machines and is part of the Anthos multicloud platform that Google presented in 2018. Anthos is a Kubernetes-based … Read more

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Netflix collaborate on eBPF Foundation

Four major tech giants announce their collaboration on the eBPF Foundation. With the collaboration, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Netflix hope to improve eBPF faster. The eBPF Foundation becomes part of the Linux Foundation. The announcement comes just before the eBPF summit, which will take place on August 18 and 19. EBPF already works in the … Read more

Software Update: GitLab 14.0

You can compare GitLab with the more famous GitHub, but contains some subtle differences. It is an environment for managing Git repositories on-premises and is released under the MIT Expat license and developed in Ruby on Rails. It is available in two versions, the free-to-use Community Edition and a paid Enterprise Edition, with more features … Read more

GitLab 14 with pipeline editor and wysiwyg wiki editor is out

GitLab has released a new version of the developer platform. The main changes in GitLab 14.0 are the definitive addition of a new wysiwyg editor in the wikis, a new pipeline editor, and a Kubernetes platform. According to the makers, GitLab 14.0 is mainly focused on speed and security in mind. The main change is … Read more

New malware tries to invade cloud environments via Windows containers

A new breed of malware specifically targets Windows containers to gain access to Kubernetes clusters of cloud environments. It is the first malware of its kind to specifically target Windows containers. The malware, which the researchers call Siloscape, is unique in its kind, according to the researchers, because most other malware targeting cloud environments focuses … Read more

Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2022 Preview Details

Https and tls 1.3 are enabled by default in Windows Server 2022. The new server operating system also gets better management for VMs and better security for firmware. Microsoft has now released those details. It concerns the upcoming version of Windows Server. Microsoft has had that in beta since last year, but details about upcoming … Read more

Software Update: IntelliJ Idea 2020.3

JetBrains releases several development environments such as CLion targeting C and C++, DataGrip targeting sql, PhpStorm targeting PHP and IntelliJ Idea targeting Java. IntelliJ Idea offers smart code completion, deep static analysis, intelligent refactorings, a debugger and a test runner, and can also handle Kotlin, Groovy, Coffee and Actionscript. For an overview of the possibilities, … Read more

Software Update: Ubuntu 20.10

Version 20.10 of Ubuntu Linux has been released, a version that will receive nine months of support. A new version is published twice a year and the year and month of publication form the version number. Once every two years, a version is released that will be provided with updates for five years instead of … Read more

Software Update: VMware Workstation Player 16.0.0

VMware has released version 16.0 of Workstation Player. Player is free software to create and run virtual machines. However, a fee is charged for commercial use. Simply put, it is a simplified implementation of other VMware products, such as Workstation Pro, Server, and ESX Server. Microsoft Virtual PC virtual machines and Symantec LiveState Recovery disks … Read more

‘Don’t use Kubernetes with application portability as the main goal’

Organizations should not choose Kubernetes if their primary concern is application portability. That is what Gartner analysts say. The choice of Kubernetes would still lead to a lock-in, but at the level of the abstraction layer. It’s not a good idea to choose Kubernetes if the primary reason is to avoid lock-in, say Gartner analysts. … Read more