No More Ransom Decryption Tools Have Been Downloaded Six Million Times In Five Years

The No More Ransom initiative of Europol, security companies, and national police forces is five years old. In that time, 121 tools for defusing ransomware have been released and have been downloaded more than six million times. Security company Emsisoft released the most tools: 59 for as many ransomware families. Kaspersky created five tools that … Read more

Password manager Kaspersky used predictable seed in random number generator

Kaspersky’s password manager created insecure passwords for years. The password generator in the software used a machine’s time as its only form of entropy, allowing passwords to be discovered in seconds via brute-force attacks. The problem is in Kaspersky Password Manager or KPM, a standalone password manager from the security company that works on desktop … Read more

iPhones in Russia get screen in setup for installing Russian apps

In Russia, iPhone users will see a screen with Russian apps from next month when they start their device for the first time. This is the result of an agreement between the Russian Ministry of Digital Development and Communications and Apple. The screen concerns Russian apps that users can install, such as Yandex, Group, … Read more

COVID-19 vaccines offered on the Darknet

Worldwide, the most complex vaccination campaign in history is being rolled out. Every country has its own plans, rules, and setbacks that they encounter. As always, there are scammers and cybercriminals trying to take advantage of this situation. For example , the Darknet offers COVID-19 vaccinations for sale from the three largest manufacturers: Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and … Read more

Kaspersky: Learning environments are more often the target of DDOS attacks

The number of DDoS attacks on learning environments has increased by more than 350 percent this spring. Kaspersky says this based on its own research. The increase was strongest in January, with 550 percent more DDoS attacks than in January 2019. The increase was smallest in March and May, according to Kaspersky’s Digital Education study. … Read more

‘Apple abused market power in Russia with parental control apps’

The Russian competition authority FAS has ruled that Apple is guilty of abusing its dominant position by restricting parental control apps. The company is appealing the decision. The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, after investigation, concludes that Apple is in a dominant position because it is the exclusive distributor for mobile applications on iOS and … Read more

Software update: Ventoy 1.0.14

Ventoy is an open source program with which self-starting USB sticks can be made. However, the way it does that is different from comparable tools. The USB stick only needs to be prepared once and then as many ISO files can be placed or modified on the stick as there is space. Ventoy automatically creates … Read more

World Health Organization: Huge rise in hacks on our systems

The World Health Organization has seen a large increase in cyber attacks in recent times. The organization says that in some cases it concerns ‘elite hackers’, although it is unclear who exactly is behind the attack and what the hackers want. The WHO confirms the increase in attacks to Reuters. According to the news agency, … Read more

Software Update: Malwarebytes – 1.0.851

Malwarebytes has released an update to its anti-virus program of the same name. This program is aimed at fighting malware, such as malicious software that pretends to be a bona fide antivirus or antispyware solution, but in reality has less good intentions, such as ransom- or scareware. In addition to the free version, there is … Read more