T-Mobile allows Home subscribers to watch TV via desktop and laptop from August

T-Mobile allows subscribers of its fixed services to watch live TV under the name Home from August via the desktop and laptop. The provider already has an app for iOS and Android, but TV Anywhere is not yet working in the browser.

The release of the new feature takes place mid-August, says T-Mobile . The provider does not mention supported operating systems, which makes it obvious that it works via browsers. Other providers of TV services, such as Ziggo and KPN, have long been suggesting that customers can watch TV channels via the browser.
T-Mobile has already published an app for the new generations of the Apple TV. This allows users to watch live TV on 29 channels via the Apple device. Looking back can take up to seven days. Competitors Ziggo and KPN do not have an Apple TV application, although Ziggo is said to be planning.
With the app, users can watch the channels that T-Mobile offers, for example on a second television, separately from the set-top box. . The app was developed by Red Bee Media, who previously made the Knippr app for T-Mobile. The provider stopped earlier this year with Knippr because of too few customers . V according to iCulture the new TV Anywhere app for Apple TV sounds like the old Knippr app
T-Mobile has been offering TV services via Thuis over the last year and a half. It was given the services, because Vodafone had to sell it when it merged with Ziggo.


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