Surviving Mars Review – Like a real Elon Musk

Surviving Mars

Haemimont Games has delivered a true city builder with Surviving Mars, where winning raw materials, building a base, teaching, maintaining and entertaining Martians is a big challenge. The challenge is great, and you can still boost it yourself. It can also easily go wrong in Surviving Mars, and inventory management and distribution are crucial. The lovers of micromanagement can enjoy themselves at this point. The makers also ensure a beautiful style that is brought into view with great detail. Yet we have some reservations about the game. The whole is a bit businesslike and even a bit boring. There is plenty of challenge, but the game offers too little surprise. Surviving Mars is a good game, but one that only the lovers of the genre will speak to.

Final verdict


Played on: Windows 10
Also available for: Linux, OS X, PLayStation 4, Xbox One

Developing a game takes a long time, as is known, and a new title is often edited for years makes it difficult to respond to current events, so it’s smart to use a theme that lasts longer than the development of a game – it’s exactly what Haemimont Games has done.The Bulgarian studio goes into Surviving Mars in the dream of Elon Musk, who wants to send a manned mission to Mars with his SpaceX If you follow these developments closely, Surviving Mars allows you to experience the challenges of life on the Red Planet.

Surviving Mars seems like a managem ent game, but is actually mainly a city builder. In the game you have to create a thriving and especially self-reliant colony on Mars from scratch, under the prevailing hard climatic conditions. That in itself is not a small challenge, but you can also make it difficult for yourself.

Filling a rocket

To stay in the Elon Musk vibe, Surviving begins Mars on Earth. There you put together the mission that will make the first bridge to the red planet. You determine the content of the first rocket that flies to our neighboring planet. You also determine how difficult you want to get it. You can choose which sponsor supports the mission, and each sponsor has its advantages and disadvantages. There are ten sponsors to choose from, divided over the three categories ‘easy’, ‘average’ and ‘difficult’. Among the sponsors you will find powers such as Russia, China, the US and Europe, but also institutions such as Church of the New Ark and the company SpaceY. The game encourages you to choose the International Mars Mission as your sponsor on your first mission, and that is indeed advisable. The IMM is clearly the richest and makes the widest budget available. You will need that capital for the rockets you want to send to Mars during the game. The goal is to make your colony on Mars self-reliant, but from time to time some supply from Earth can not hurt, if only because your first missile only contains freight. Man can not walk freely on Mars, so some preparations have to be made before the first settlers can walk around.