Superman star Henry Cavill builds his own game PC with a lot of RGB

Even if you are a wealthy international movie star, it is sometimes more fun to build a PC yourself than to buy a ready-made model. Superman and Witcher actor Henry Cavill put together his own rig and made a video of it. Fortunately, The Witcher also likes RGB.

Cavill built the PC and posted a video of it to Instagram , which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times. In the video, the actor says nothing, but he effortlessly assembles chips, motherboards, and graphics cards in a new cabinet, accompanied by the music of Barry White. And while Cavill seems to have blurred some brands in the video, it still shows how Superman likes to have a decent rig .

For example, Cavill places a Ryzen 9 CPU from AMD in a RoG Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard. The games probably run very smoothly because there is also a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti-GPU in Cavill’s computer. The rest of the device screams gamer too: Cavill looks at a Republic of Gamers monitor, has an RGB keyboard and RGB memory, and the chipset has a water cooler.

The construction does not run completely smoothly, because Cavill installs that water cooler upside down, but that is more than made up for when he lubricates new thermal paste under sultry music. So a super rig for Superman.