Submarines can now communicate with aircraft

For submarines it is difficult to communicate directly with something above the water. This is because submarines use SONAR and aircraft radio signals or GPS. Sonar signals bounce against the water surface. Radio signals are quickly lost when they reach the water. Communication between the two therefore has quite some feet in the earth.

Submarine communication

At MIT, scientists have now developed a wireless system that allows data to be transferred to the air under water. A SONAR signal is sent to the surface, where small vibrations occur at different frequencies. A radar above the water with an extremely high frequency can absorb minuscule changes in signals. After that, the pieces of data only have to be translated into meaning. This means that the radar system can absorb small vibrations or ripples in the water.

The sea does not necessarily have to be quiet to catch the signals. The system distinguishes between high and low waves, which the scientists search for.

Swimming pool

The system has been tested in a swimming pool. There it was possible to catch the messages from under water. The system can take a long time to send a large amount of data. And with waves that are higher than 16 centimeters, the system does not work. The system is being further developed to be able to do this, so that it works in all weather conditions.