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Students test the VeloX 8 on F-16 runway in Woensdrecht

The Human Power Team a student project from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam, will test their newest aerodynamic recumbent bike on Sunday 5 August: the VeloX 8. Later this year, this bike will have the world record of 122 km / h attacks.

Where normally F-16s take off, cyclists Jennifer Breet and Lieke de Cock will use the runway of Woensdrecht Air Base to test the bike designed and built by the students.

After a year of designing, building and training, this is the most important test moment for our world record attempt in the Nevada Desert next September, where our riders Jennifer Breet and Lieke de Cock hope to cycle at 122 km / h. and to establish a new world speed bicycle record for women, “says Stephanie Wiechers, team manager of the Human Power Team and Aerospace Engineering student at TU Delft.

High-tech bicycle

That such a speed is possible is mainly due to the streamlined design of the VeloX. Because on a regular bike you will be braked by the wind. This year extra time has been invested to limit the air resistance even further. It has been designed for months to make the bike as fully aerodynamic as possible for the athletes. There is also a lot of space saved by a new and compact switching system. And that makes it the smallest bike they have ever built. Strikingly, for example, the bicycle does not have a window, because that is aerodynamically disastrous.

General rehearsal

With the test at the airbase, the race-ready bike will be tested for the first time. “ 122 km / h will not be, but this is especially a good opportunity for the team to find the latest points for improvement, and with the collected data we can also compare the air resistance of the bike with our models, “said Wiechers.

Last year

In 2017 the student team became world champion, but grabbed just next to the world record. At 121.5 km / h Aniek Rooderkerken was unfortunately not fast enough to break the world record of 121.8 km / h. The team is going full this year to get the world title again in the Dutch name.

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