Streaming platform Twitch is going to sell games

Streaming platform Twitch has announced that from this spring it will be possible to purchase games through its service. Streamers who play a particular game share in the revenue generated through their channel.

In announcing the plans, Twitch said streamers who partner with the platform could receive 5 percent of the proceeds. The company writes that game studios receive 70 percent of the proceeds, with which 25 percent appears to go to Twitch. Through the channel of certain streamers, viewers must be able to purchase a game or ‘in-game content’. In addition, with purchases above a certain limit, Twitch users can earn a Twitch Crate, which contains, for example, emotes or chat badges.

The feature will be available worldwide and will initially only be usable in conjunction with dollar prices. Over time, it should become possible to use other currencies. Payments are made through an Amazon account. Purchased games can be played via the Twitch launcher or via other services such as Uplay. Twitch has named several partners who will be selling games through the platform. These include Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Hi Rez Studios, and Paradox Interactive. With the announcement, Twitch is competing with platforms like Steam.