Stalker 2 is coming to Xbox consoles and PC

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During its Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft showed footage of Stalker 2, the game that Ukrainian developer GSC Game World announced in 2018. It is a trailer, no gameplay can be seen yet. The game is coming to Xbox consoles and PCs.

It is the first time that images of Stalker 2 have been shown. The trailer shows the surroundings of Pripyat, the abandoned ghost town near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. As in the previous Stalker games, there are also paranormal phenomena visible in the trailer.

Microsoft emphasizes that the game will only be released on Xbox consoles and not other consoles. The game will also be playable via the Game Pass subscription. Stalker 2 will also be released for PCs, but it is not yet known in which download stores the game will be released.

GSC Game World announced Stalker 2 in 2018. The studio then said that the game should be released in 2021. Microsoft’s new announcement didn’t say anything about the release date. The Ukrainian developer made the first Stalker game and the two expansions.

The studio was already working on Stalker 2, but had to stop in 2011 because the studio was forced to close. The studio reopened in 2014, but many developers moved to other studios such as 4A Games and Vostok. The question is how many developers of the first Stalker game are still involved in the new project.

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