SSX series creator working on new free-to-play snowboarding game

The creator of the popular snowboard game SSX for the PS2 is working on a new game. Producer Steve Rechtschnaffer says he is working with a new studio on a free-to-play snowboarding game where users can build their own courses and play together.

The developer says in an interview with Laptop Mag that it is not so much about a spiritual successor to SSX, but that the new game should evoke “an arcade feeling” that is “very accessible, competitive and fun to play”. The game has the working title Project Gravity. It is made by Supernatural Studios, which is headed by Steve Rechtschnaffer, who was also executive producer of the three SSX games that came out on PS2 twenty years ago.

Project Gravity should be a free-to-play game. Rechtschnaffer doesn’t say what that means for microtransactions in the game, such as whether they become purely cosmetic or reshaped. According to Rechtsnaffer, the game will also have ‘creative and social elements’. In this way, players can create their own snowboard courses and play together.

The game is not published by EA, which did release SSX. “We’re not nostalgic about what we do and don’t want to bring back,” says Rechtschnaffer. “If it were, we’d be working with EA on a reboot of SSX.” It is not yet clear when the game will be released or when more information about it will be announced.