Spotify releases update to improve tablet experience on Android

Spotify has adapted its interface for Android tablets, so that the music player now handles the available space better. Previously, it was an extended version of the interface that is also used for smartphones.

The necessary software update to bring in the new interface for Android tablets appears to be released in phases; The update has not yet been implemented for all users, Android Police notes. Users who insist on quickly using the new interface can also choose to install the beta version of the Spotify application for Android.

With the update, Android tablet users get an interface that Spotify previously released for the iPad. Instead of an expansive smartphone screen, tablet users now see more information side by side; For example, the playback screen is placed on the left and you can browse through music on the right.

Android Police also notes that the new interface will also be available as a software update for Chromebooks. However, not all interface elements have been optimized yet; for example, some buttons would still be a little too small to comfortably press, and the font would be too small.