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Spotify comes with software to add podcasts to streaming service

Spotify comes with the Spotify for Podcasters service. This enables podcast owners to enter their feed, after which the streaming service records the podcast in the library. So far, adding podcasts to Spotify has been a detour.

Thanks to the new service, podcasters can also see statistics about how many people listen to their work on the streaming service, reports Spotify. Until now, the registration of a podcast with Spotify was done via a form, after which Spotify had to approve the podcast. In many podcasts that process did not take place until after a while or never at all. Spotify does work with certain hosting parties, so many podcasts appeared on Spotify.

The software is still available in beta and not publicly available. It is unknown if and when Spotify for Podcasters appears publicly online. Spotify will not host podcasts itself, the hosting must still happen at a party outside the streaming service.

The service should probably convince more podcasts to come to Spotify. Many podcast listeners do not use Spotify, but an app intended for podcasts only.

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