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SpaceX plan for internet satellite network receives approval from FCC

Do you think through a bit? What are not all methods to get around government censorship? For example VPN?

And where is your VPN endpoint then? The Netherlands? Where piratebay is blocked and in the future much more? Or France where the president can personally determine what news you do and do not get to see about him? Or still Germany? Where half YouTube is blocked by copyright infringements due to background music or the wrong right opinion?
And which service are you going to use for that? How do you know that this service does not log everything you do. How do you know that this service was not set up by the secret service?
Is SpaceX internet the solution? Not really, because it is American, but it does add an option where in any case European information may be less censored. And perhaps the fact that it goes via satellite will change the political power of SpaceX worldwide.

Or satellite internet.
What you can order for a reasonably low amount per month. Yes, your ping is really cunt, but that’s no problem getting around censorship. In this respect, this adds little.

Here is someone who has clearly never used 2-way (up and downlink) satellite internet in his life:

The most common such system is INMARSAT’s BGAN-terminals terminals are about the size of a letter case and have near-symmetric connection speeds of around 350-500 k bit / s . Smaller modems exist as those offered by Thuraya at only 444 kbit / s in a limited coverage area. INMARSAT now sacrifices the IsatHub, a paperback book sized satellite modem in conjunction with the users mobile phone and other devices. The cost has been reduced to $ 3 per MB and the device itself is on sale for about $ 1300 . [25]
Using such a modem is extremely expensive- bandwidth costs between $ 5 and $ 7 per megabyte . The modems themselves are also expensive, usually costing between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000. [26]…Internet_access#Bandwidth
So reasonable amount per month? So no. No idea what you base that on? Perhaps you are confusing 1 way (downlink) satellite internet with actual satellite internet as SpaceX tries to introduce here?

And we are still talking about the Netherlands? Because a large part of the population and companies that get slow or censored internet?

A large part of the population? Just 100% of all Dutch people get censored internet. Piratebay is blocked for everyone (except those with a VPN). Google results are filtered exclusively for the EU (EU political figures can have themselves removed from Google results). And that is of course only the beginning. If it is up to the EU, they will soon have full control over what we do and do not read and visit.

I think that is not too bad. And in countries like China it is simply simply forbidden. Since you need an outdoor unit, it is best to maintain it.

Fixed. But it will in any case not improve the censorship and control in China and put further pressure on them. This is good for everyone who believes in democracy, truth and freedom (like me).

Finally, food much cheaper through faster satellite internet? Call me skeptical, but I really do not believe that. Just like suddenly everything becomes much cheaper because inland shipping can now be unmanned? Because the limiting factor to do that unmanned is really the price of satellite internet? And how many people are working on an inland vessel, I suspect that is not a very large part of the costs.

No sense to go into this in detail, but if you do not understand that by far the biggest cost in all types of transport the wages (and the insurance and the pension) of the people who do the transport then I do not know where to start with the explanation. You did not know that people in the inland shipping industry would be OK? With this …

In other words, no, it is not a case of a little bit of thinking, it is a case that I do not believe that this is a revolution. It is useful for some people, but especially outside the Netherlands, which is extremely limited within the Netherlands. And again, what people do not seem to realize, satellite internet simply exists already, and is absolutely not expensive. You only have little reason in the Netherlands to accept the disadvantages, such as enormous ping.

See above. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about when you think that satellite internet is “absolutely not expensive”. And of course I actually mean satellite internet (so up and down via satellite).

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