South Korea accuses North Korea of ​​hacking nuclear power plants

North Korea, according to South Korea, carried out cyber attacks on computers used by a company that manages nuclear power plants in December last year. It would be attacks on non-critical systems.

After investigation, South Korea points out that, among other things, IP address data make it clear that the attacks were carried out by North Korean hackers. Also, the code used in the attacks would match that of previous malware attributed to the regime in Pyongyang, Reuters writes.

The attacks are said to have been carried out in the period from 9 to 12 December. These were aimed at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co Ltd, which operates 23 nuclear reactors. The attackers sent a total of 5986 phishing emails to 3571 employees of the company.

In December, South Korean administrators reported attempts to disrupt nuclear power plants through cyber attacks. Although the attacks would have stolen data, they would have been attacks on non-critical systems. Earlier, a hacker had demanded via Twitter that South Korea shut down three reactors. If they refused, they would be ‘destroyed’.

North Korea has been accused of hacking more often. For example, according to the US, they are responsible for a large-scale burglary at Sony Pictures. The reason would be the film The Interview in which the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is mocked.