Sony sells 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles

The PlayStation 4 from the Japanese Sony has sold more than thirty million times in the two years since its release. With this, the console performs better than its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which was sold around twenty million times after two years.

Sony has always announced the sales figures of its consoles in discussions of the company’s quarterly figures, but has been doing so separately from the quarterly figures for a while. Microsoft does not disclose sales figures for the PlayStation 4’s biggest competitor, the Xbox One. The Redmond-based company does not see its console sales as the primary measure of its success, the company said. Instead, Microsoft focuses on how many active monthly Xbox Live users there are. According to the most recent quarterly figures, there are 39 million, but they are spread across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, both of which can connect to Xbox Live.

Of the three console makers, Nintendo is still the most willing to share sales figures for its hardware. The company reports that the Wii U, which came out a year earlier than the other two consoles, has sold almost 11 million units.

Although it is not completely clear whether the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 is in the lead in terms of sales, Sony has in any case lowered the suggested retail price of the console from 399 to 349 euros in October. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are currently around the same price as part of their holiday promotions.