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Sony releases three wireless sports headphones

Sony comes with wireless headphones. After other major brands such as Philips, Apple, and Samsung, Sony could not stay behind. The wireless earphones are primarily intended for sports. Nothing is as annoying as ears that always fall out of your ears or get tangled with the thread of the earplugs. Whether you’re running, cycling, doing yoga or walking to work, wireless headphones are your best friend.

 Sony Wireless Headphones

Sony Wireless Headphones

You can choose from three varieties of Sony wireless headphones: the WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, and WI-SP500. The WF-SP700N has noise canceling in a housing that is splash-proof. The noise canceling weakens disturbing sounds from outside. You will have little trouble from the humming of people or sounds of falling dumbbells and rowing machines in the gym. For outdoor athletes there is a special Ambient Sound function. As a result, the ambient noise is enhanced, which benefits road safety. With the extra bass sound, you can enjoy working out to the rhythm of the beat. The headphones are available in pink, yellow, black and white. These colors match with many sports outfits.


With the headphones, you get a case where you can store them and also charge them. The battery life is three hours. The case has a built-in rechargeable battery and can charge the headphones twice. In total, the battery life is then 9 hours. The headphones can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth wirelessly.

Sony also comes with two other models. The WI-SP600N differs from the WF-SP700N due to the battery life of 6 hours and the neckband attached to the headphones. The WI-SP500 model remains seated and has a battery life of 8 hours with one charge.

 Sony neckband
Sony headphones with neckband

Sports in the rain should not be a problem either, thanks to the IPX4 rating that makes the headphones water resistant. The headphones can also be rinsed under the tap.

Specifications Sony Headphones

Are not wireless headphones falling out of your ears? According to Sony not, because through the ear hooks and the shape of the headphones, they remain well in the ear. You have the choice of pink, yellow, black or white. These are the colors that often match with a sports outfit.


Sony Headphones App and Google Assistant

With the new Sony Headphones App for Android and iOS, the Noise Canceling and Ambient Sound function can be set. Soon the new headphones from Sony will be linked to Google Assistant. Users can then use the voice commands to control the headphones.

 Sony yellow
Sony wireless headphones yellow
 Sony pink
Sony wireless headphones pink
 Sony black
Sony wireless headphones black
 Sony white
Sony wireless headphones white

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