Sony: PS5 does not support 1440p resolution by prioritizing televisions

Sony has informed an interview that the PlayStation 5 does not currently support 1440p resolution as it has prioritized support for televisions. The company seems to be open to adding 1440p support later when there is a lot of demand.

Sony has said this through Hideaki Nishino, a company vice president who deals with the PlayStation platform, in a Japanese publication. He indicates that the PS5 does not support 1440 output, because he wants to ‘give top priority to television support’. He also indicated that there is no technical limitation to support this resolution and that if there is sufficient demand, this may still be added in the future. A 1440p resolution is especially important for monitors; televisions usually support 1080p or 4k.

It was recently announced that the PlayStation 5 does not support 1440p resolution. Sony’s upcoming next-gen console can render games internally at 1440p without any problems; this is purely a limitation in the output. The PS4 Pro also has no native support for output at 1440p and only outputs images at 4k or full-hd. The Xbox One and the Xbox Series S and X released on Tuesday do work natively at 1440p.

Hideaki Nishino also addressed some other issues in the interview, such as his statement that the PS5 will improve the PSVR experience, although he did not provide further details. He also explained why the PS5 currently does not have a web browser. According to him, it is doubtful whether a web browser is necessary for a game console. He says he is looking at this situation, where he again leaves the door ajar to release an app for this at a later time.