Sony introduces customizable DualSense Edge controller for PS5

Sony has introduced a new controller for the PlayStation 5 during the gamescom fair in Cologne, Germany. It can be considered as Sony’s variant of Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller. There are additional buttons and many customization options.

Sony describes the Wireless DualSense Edge controller as the first fully customizable, ‘high performance’ controller developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. There are a number of hardware and software options that allow users to customize their experience.

For example, it is possible to set certain buttons completely differently, but it is also possible to adjust the sensitivity and dead zones of the joysticks, for example. The travel distance of the two triggers on the back can also be adjusted to your preference. Furthermore, there are three different stick caps to make the joysticks a bit higher or lower and there are two sets of back buttons that can be set for any button input. There are also replaceable stick modules and replacements are sold separately.

The specifically chosen settings can then be saved; Multiple user profiles can be created and there is a dedicated button on the controller with a user interface to switch profiles or adjust the volume without the user having to open the settings in the PS5.

For the rest, the DualSense Edge controller retains the features of the regular DualSense controller. Sony has not yet released pricing information and says more details will be shared in the coming months, including when the controller will be available.