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Sony Experia XZ2 Premium smartphone has to cost 900 euros

Sony announced this week that two new smartphones are coming in the Netherlands: the mid-range XA2 Plus which is the first mid-range phone to have Sony’s High-Res audio and the Xperia XZ2 Premium. The latter logically looks more into the eye, not least because of the price: the smartphone has to cost 900 euros in the Netherlands.

What do you get for it? The most important thing is according to Sony the 5.8 inch 4K HRD screen. In order to be able to fill it yourself with a picture, the XZ2 Premium has a dual camera. There is a 19 MP color camera and a 12 MP black-and-white camera on the back that should ensure that you can not only take sharper pictures, but also ensure that you can make 4K HDR recordings with your phone. . Sony gives a lot of information about the ISO-light sensitivity of the cameras: for photos you can go to an ultra-sensitive 51,200, while video recordings also get a non-sick 12,800.

Camera and screen

The camera is in any case the showpiece of the Xperia XZ2 Premium. There is a special signal processor in the smartphone that can process the images of the black-and-white and color cameras and possibly combine them to capture images that, according to the maker, are “sharper than the perception of the human eye”. But not everything has to be sharp, because Sony also has a bokeh mode built in as it is nowadays. For video there is also super slow-motion and also there is provided: the camera can shoot up to 960 frames per second so you can view everything heeeeeeeel laaaaaangzazaaaaam.

Naturally, the 4K screen is completely set to this kind of content, and luckily Sony has also made it compatible with the 4K HRD modes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for example. Even ordinary video content can be scaled up to 4K HDR, but what the result of that is, we only see when the phone is really out. This also applies to the new ‘Dynamic Vibration System’ that Sony promises. That would analyze the image and generate a matching vibration in the phone to emphasize that. That, together with the speakers should provide a more intense experience, but for most people it will be especially nice if it is optional.

Very premium

900 euro is a lot of money for a phone that (with respect) is still a few years behind in terms of design. Then the camera and the screen must be so spectacular that Sony can justify that pricing, because the specifications of the XZ2 Premium are no higher than average for a smartphone in the higher segment in 2018. There is, as you are used to from Sony, a dual SIM and the device is also suitable for wireless charging via Qi.

The device can now be ordered in the Netherlands, but only via T-Mobile. If you order before August 5, you will receive a set of WH-1000XM2 headphones from Sony as a bonus. They have a retail value of 380 euros and that tempers the high price of the device a bit. Because

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