Sony cuts PlayStation 5 production due to chip shortage

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Sony expects to make a million fewer copies of the PlayStation 5 in the coming months than the company had previously estimated, financial news agency Bloomberg reports. This is due to global chip shortages.

Sony expects problems with the production of the console until at least early 2023, Bloomberg writes. According to the news agency, Sony expects a production of a maximum of 15 million consoles instead of 16 million copies in the period from April this year to the end of March next year. With 5.6 million PS5s shipped as of April this year, a maximum of 9.4 million consoles are available for the time being.

Sony has not confirmed the information. The manufacturer previously said it expected to ship 14.8 million units by the end of March; the rest would be stock for after that period. Bloomberg does not mention why it will be difficult to achieve the sales target of 14.8 million.

If the information is correct, Sony wouldn’t be the only console maker to produce less than previously thought. Nintendo lowered its expectation from 13 million to 11.5 million copies until the end of March, while Valve has postponed the release of the Steam Deck due to chip shortages.

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