Sony: By 2024, image quality will surpass smartphone cameras of DSLRs

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Sony expects smartphone cameras to be able to take better image quality photos by 2024 than interchangeable-lens cameras such as DSLRs. In the coming years, according to the company, we will see increasingly larger camera sensors in high-end smartphones.

Thanks to the latest development thinks Sony incidentally, the market for smartphone camera sensors will continue to grow in the coming years. This is despite the fact that the saturation point for the amount of cameras on a smartphone has indeed been reached, according to the company. In 2024, Sony expects that photos from a smartphone will have better image quality than those from an interchangeable-lens camera. Sony refers to the increasing number of pixels, artificial intelligence and upcoming technologies.

From 2025, the Japanese company’s top expects that an average wide-angle smartphone lens will have a larger diameter, the ultra-wide-angle lens will be more light sensitive and the telephoto lens will perform better. In shared slides we see that Sony is thinking about supporting video recording in 8K and multi-frame processing of those recorded videos, in combination with artificial intelligence. It is not clear which Sony camera sensors will support these technologies.

Slide from presentation Sony Group Corporation

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