Sony adds live streams to PlayStation 4 companion app

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Sony has released an update to its Android and iOS apps for the PlayStation. The PlaySation Companion app now includes a menu called ‘Live from PlayStation’, where users can watch Ustream and Twitch live streams of PlayStation games directly on their smartphone.

Although the app tries to offer as many features as possible in one environment, streams and even product pages of Sony’s own PlayStation titles still open in the browser. It is unknown whether Sony is working on the feature to open products and streams within the app itself.

Another addition that many gamers would probably like to see is the fact that the app no ​​longer wakes the console from standby during actions such as answering a friend request. Video notifications from the PS Store are now also supported. The Sony PlayStation app is available for download for both Android and iOS devices, but not for Windows Phone devices. The details of the update can be found on the Google Play Store, among others. Much of the functionality, but not all, requires the PS4.

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