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Solar Team Twente wins first and second place at European Solar Championships

Solar Team Twente has won the iLumen European Solar Challenge with its Red Shift team. The university also gained second place at the European Championships solar racing race with its solar car of the previous generation, the Red One.

The Red Shift and the Red One were in a neck-and-neck race on the rainy circuit of Zolder. in Belgium. In the overall ranking, the Shift team won with only two points difference. The third place was for the German team Sonnenwagen. The most important part of the iLumen European Solar Challenge is the 24-hour race

During this race, participants were allowed to ride on their batteries because of the bad weather conditions, which could only be recharged twice. The rain caused a lot of slips. The two Twente solar cars came into the lead after 12 o’clock, when they overtook Megalux Hungary and they did not give up that . The Shift set up 235 rounds in the 24 hours, the One 230 rounds.

In October 2019, students from Solar Team Twente took part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. The Sasol Solar Challenge is currently taking place in South Africa, where the Nuon Solar Team is leading with the Nuna 9S.

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