Software Update: Zorin OS 16.2

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Version 16.2 of Zorin OS has been released. Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based operating system with a Gnome 3 or Xfce 4 desktop environment aimed at making the transition from Microsoft Windows as simple and painless as possible. In version 16.2, it has been made easier to run Windows software, new fonts have been added that greatly improve compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, and we see various improvements in Zorin Connect, which allows a mobile phone to be connected to a computer. connected. The complete release notes for this release are as follows:

Zorin OS 16.2 Has Landed

Just over a year after we released Zorin OS 16 in August 2021, we’re thrilled to say that it’s been downloaded over 3.5 million times. We’ve been overwhelmed by the terrific feedback we’ve heard from users around the world. Thank you all for helping to make this the biggest release of Zorin OS ever! Today, we’re excited to announce Zorin OS 16.2. It introduces refinements that elevate the desktop experience even further. Read on to learn about what’s new since Zorin OS 16.1.

Easier to install Windows apps

For those who wish to use Windows apps and games in Zorin OS, we’ve made it even easier to find and install Windows App Support. You can now simply open the Zorin Menu, navigate to the “System Tools” section, and open “Windows App Support” to activate it in one click.

We’ve also expanded our built-in database that detects Windows installer files for popular apps and games. It provides even more tailored recommendations for alternatives to sideloading Windows executables, guiding you to a better user experience. For example, launching Windows installers for the Epic Games Store or GOG Galaxy now directs you to install the Heroic Games Launcher, which is the best way to play games from these stores in Zorin OS.

These improvements help take the guesswork out of running your favorite apps and games, regardless of which platform they were originally developed for. It’s another step towards making Zorin OS the most friendly and accessible alternative to Windows for everyday users.

Enhancing the office experience Alternatives to Microsoft fonts

When documents are created on other platforms, they often use the default fonts from Microsoft Office/365 or Windows. However, these fonts are under a proprietary license, so they can’t be pre-installed in Zorin OS for all users.

Because of this, documents may display with incompatible fonts instead. This can cause documents to not only look different than intended but also to shift their layout and corrupt their formatting.

Because of how prevalent these proprietary fonts are in documents, this issue became a significant barrier to those hoping to switch to Zorin OS for their work environment.

Zorin OS 16.2 comes with an updated font selection to help solve this problem. We’ve introduced Open Source metric-compatible alternatives to some of the most popular fonts. They appear similar to their proprietary counterparts and have the same character dimensions, so documents display with the correct formatting.

  • Carlito: the alternative to Calibri (the default typeface in Microsoft Office/365)
  • Caladea: the alternative to Cambria
  • Gelasio: the alternative to Georgia
  • Selawik: the alternative to Segoe UI
  • Comic Relief: the alternative to Comic Sans

They complement the existing selection of metric-compatible alternative fonts previously included in Zorin OS:

  • Arimo: the alternative to Arial
  • Tinos: the alternative to Times New Roman
  • cousin: the alternative to Courier New

The system substitutes these fonts automatically, so you can start working on documents from other platforms seamlessly.

The new LibreOffice

LibreOffice is one of the most important apps in Zorin OS, and with this new release, it’s getting even better. We’ve included LibreOffice 7.4, the latest version of the award-winning office suite. Some of the new enhancements include:

  • Even better compatibility with Microsoft Office/365 documents
  • Improvements to change tracking in Writer for easier collaboration
  • Support for images in WebP and EMD/WMZ formats
  • More options and features for editing documents
  • Performance boosts while opening, editing, and exporting documents, so you can get more work done quicker

With these upgrades, we’re further achieving our goal of making Zorin OS the best alternative to Windows as a free and open work environment.

Newer apps

In addition to LibreOffice, you’ll notice that many pre-installed apps have been updated in Zorin OS 16.2. Not only does this provide a more feature-rich experience out of the box, but you’ll need to download fewer software updates after installing Zorin OS onto your computer.

Improvements to Zorin Connect

You can now view your computer’s battery status on your phone. The battery level and charging status are visible in the new Status bar at the bottom of the Zorin Connect Android app’s device screen.hese battery statistics are shared with your paired phone by default in Zorin OS 16.2. If you originally installed an earlier version of Zorin OS 16 on your computer, you can enable this feature by following these steps:

  • Update the Zorin Connect app on your phone
  • Open the Zorin Connect app on your computer
  • Click on your paired phone in the “Devices” list
  • Navigate to the “Battery” section
  • Switch on the “Share Statistics” option
  • The Zorin Connect app for Android has also been updated with other new features:

    • Send your phone’s clipboard with one tap from the phone app’s home screen
    • Option to show notifications on your computer only if the phone’s screen is off
    • Add loop and shuffle controls to Multimedia Control (for supported media players)
    • Allow configuring the action for left clicks in Remote Input
    • New About screen

    GDevelop in Zorin OS Education

    Now more than ever, it’s vital for students to learn technology skills to prepare them to succeed in the 21st century. Zorin OS Education has always provided powerful tools to teach coding and engineering in a fun and accessible way.

    In Zorin OS 16.2 Education, we’re introducing another incredible tool: GDevelop. It’s full-featured, no-code game development software that lowers the barrier to learning programming, while giving students an infinite canvas to express their creativity. It’s accompanied by a comprehensive set of tutorials that guide you through every step in developing a game, so students have the freedom to learn at their own pac

    Students have the power to publish their games on mobile app stores, game platforms like Steam, or the web. By going through the entire process of dreaming up, creating, and sharing their creations with the world, kids can gain valuable experience and get excited about making a positive impact in their lives and the world. Learn more about GDevelop ›

    Maximize effect and updated physics in Jelly Mode

    Jelly Mode has been upgraded to provide an even more fun desktop experience. The animation engine for wobbling windows has been refactored and uses updated physics variables by default for more lively interactions. Maximizing a window now also triggers the effect, better replicating the feel and behavior of jelly.

    Stronger security and better hardware compatibility

    Many built-in system technologies have received improvements for better security, compatibility, and performance. Zorin OS 16.2 is now powered by the same version of the Linux kernel as in Ubuntu 22.04 and comes with new drivers, bringing even better support for hardware such as:

    • NVIDIA graphics cards, including the GeForce RTX 4090
    • AMD Radeon and Intel graphics cards
    • Framework Laptop with 12th Generation Intel Processors
    • Xbox One controller
    • Apple Magic Mouse
    • USB4
    • More Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio devices

    The latest security patches are also included throughout the system, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re using the most secure version of Zorin OS ever.

    Version number 16.2
    Release status Final
    Operating systems Linux
    Website Zorin OS
    License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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