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WebGUI is a content management system and application framework with which a website can be easily managed and set up without having to possess extensive technical knowledge. It includes a photo album, blog, forum, RSS feeds and a SOAP frontend. For more information, it is useful to description of the program, or take a look at the website from WOSA. The developers of Plain Black have released a new beta version with 7.2.0 as the version number. The list of adjustments looks like this:

We are happy to announce the release of WebGUI 7.2.0 beta. This release includes several new features including sales tax support in the commerce system as well as a spell checker for the Rich Text Editor. This release also includes more than 30 bug fixes.

Note: This is considered a beta release due to the new features added and is not recommended for production use at this time.

  • Added server side spell checker (Martin Kamerbeek / Procolix)
  • Added configurable sales tax. (Tiffany Patterson / Elite Marketing)
  • change: made Text::Aspell optional, nullifying spell checker if not present
  • change: made all LWP user agents use env_proxy
  • Help: If a Help Chapter only has 1 page, then in the TOC view it links right to the page instead of the Chapter.
  • fix: HTML::Template::Expr templates would not handle template variables with dots in them. Added a fix to the template plugin so that dots are translated to underscores automatically in submitted template variables. Templates will still need to be manually updated.
  • Help: Added pluggable docs for template plugins, and added a new tab to the Help that lists template parser docs.
  • Added accessors to Session/ to make testing easier.
  • Test: Added t/lib/WebGUI/PseudoRequest, which is a mostly functional Apache::Request object replacement. It doesn’t do everything, but it does enough to test Session/, except for cookies.
  • Added an option to the Syndicated Content Wobject that allows use of macros inside the RSS Url property.
  • semi-fix: WebGUI/Mail/ no longer has extraneous UTF-8 BOM
  • new: RSSCapable mixin for assets that can have RSS feeds, and RSSFromParent asset (automatic) that actually generates the feeds from them.
  • new: workflow activity and hooks for deleting exported files on trash, purge, and changeUrl
  • fix: editing posts loses changes in preview
  • change: Asset::getContainer no longer changes the session asset
  • fix: Survey numeric multiple choice options
  • fix: Matrix/can’t remove picture from listing
  • fix: inability to create shortcuts to threads
  • fix: Style templates do not render metadata
  • fix: Survey duplication not working
  • fix: “Open link in new window” with WebGUI asset tree link in TinyMCE
  • fix: Admin Users submenu doesn’t fill in uid
  • Added YUI javascript library to the core, so that we can begin converting to a standard javascript API.
  • fix: Resizable textarea no longer works in IE
  • fix: EMS Manage Events broken
  • fix: “orig_dependant” JavaScript error in PM quick task display
  • fix: Tasks now start at zero duration in the PM system
  • fix: RSS for collaboration systems now properly shows in the head rather than the body
  • fix: Gantt chart bars erroneously being shifted one day to the right
  • fix: Post titles containing periods result in urls containing periods
  • fix: Activity list expands outside of edit workflow screen
  • fix: Thread layout “flat” doesn’t stick
  • fix: Rich Edit omitting rows drops subsequent rows
  • fix: Phishing Bug… take that spammers!
  • fix: Default PM Dashboard Template extra form element not implemented yet
  • refactor: move Dashboard, Folder, and HttpProxy getEditForm overrides into definition clauses
  • possible fix: Dates messed up on subscriptions
  • Template variables in the main Survey Template were out of date in the documentation.
  • fix: SQLReport no longer pages or runs nested queries when downloading.
  • Made Stow’s warning a debug message, which is what debug messages are for.
  • fix: WebGUI::Text::splitCsv no longer removes trailing empty fields
  • fix: Product add-to-group would always try to add a user to a group
  • Made many minor changes recommended by Perl::Critic.
  • fix: No Integers or Strings as Placeholder Parameters
  • Made many minor code efficiency changes.
  • fix: Two cookies and incorrect Last-Modified date in HTTP header
  • WebGUI::Text no longer spits out a billion warnings
  • fix: workaround for IE not handling ‘ in SyndicatedContent was not catching everything
  • fix: WebGUI::Operation::ProductManager added a tab with wrong name.
  • fix: WebGUI::Operation::Commerce www_selectPaymentGateway no longer forces user to choose gateway if they are only authorized to use one
  • WebGUI::Session::Scratch->delete now returns the value deleted for convenience, like Perl’s built-in delete() function.
  • fix: Auth redirectOnLogin wouldn’t work if login called from Operation::execute()
  • fix: WebGUI::Operation::Commerce->listTransactions now adds trailing 0’s to prices/totals.
  • fix: Uncommitted Collaborations and adding threads
  • fix: template variable displayLastReply is in none of the CS help files
  • karma rfe: Faster rendering for editing interface
  • karma rfe: Limiting access to admin mode to set of ips

Version number 7.2.0 beta
Operating systems Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website Plain Black Corporation
File size


License type GPL
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