Software update: VMware Workstation Pro 14.1.3 build 9474260

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VMware has released version 14.1.3 of its virtualization software Workstation Pro. With this program it is possible to create one or more virtual computers, on which a large number of different operating systems can be installed. In this way they can be used side by side, as opposed to a dual boat setup, where one or the other OS has to be chosen. VMware Workstation is available for Windows and Linux, and licenses start at around 275 euros. In update we find a newer version of OpenSSL and the L1TF security problem has been fixed.


  • Updated VMware Workstation 14 Player Version 14.1.3 to use OpenSSL library version openssl 1.0.2o
  • Addressed critical security issues as outlined in KB 55636

Resolved Issues

  • After you upgrade Workstation 12.x Pro to Workstation 14.x Pro and power on a virtual machine, the virtual machine console could display a black screen.

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