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Vienna is an application for the Mac OS X platform and is specially developed for the CIX conference system. This application makes it possible, among other things, to read a conference off-line. The developers have released version 1.4.0 and added support for RSS and Atom feeds. The full list of changes looks like this:


  • User interface overhaul.
    • Moved folders pane into main window and eliminated drawer.
    • Added folder header bar above message list pane.
  • Added RSS/Atom feed parsing support. Some menu commands reorganized as a result for consistency.
  • Added Help/Acknowledgments to credit shared sources.
  • Changed ‘F’ to put focus in toolbar search field and removed undocumented quick search feature.
  • Added rename folder support (for RSS and Search folders).
  • Dropped “CIX Home Page” from Help menu.
  • Dropped initial CIX specific Welcome screen.
  • Import/Export commands made into sub-menus.
  • Double click on Smart folder or RSS Subscription nodes in folder tree now bring up edit window.
  • Add check for updates on startup. Defaults to OFF.
  • Handle feed:// links natively.
  • Support importing RSS Subscriptions from an OPML format file (as generated by Bloglines).
  • Support exporting RSS Subscriptions to an OPML format file (for import into Bloglines).
  • Updated Growl support to 6.2.
  • Joining a CIX conference now retrieves and stores the description for each topic.
  • Folder list font and font size are now configurable.

Version number 1.4.0
Operating systems macOS
Website sourceforge
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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