Software update: Ventoy 1.0.78

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Ventoy is an open source program that can be used to create self-starting USB sticks. However, the way it does that is different from comparable tools. The USB stick only needs to be prepared once and after that as many ISO files can be placed on the stick as there is free space. Ventoy automatically creates a boot menu for the existing ISO files. Support is in place for both UEFI and legacy boot and it has been tested with over 920 different ISO files† The changelog for version 1.0.78 looks like this:

Changes in Ventoy 1.0.78:

  • Improvement for Boot Conf Replace Plugin, now can replace at most 2 files. Notes
  • Update Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk to v3.4 (#1695)
  • .ventoyignore also works in F2 Browser Mode.
  • Fix the bug when booting latest KaOS. (#1696)
  • Fix a bug when booting TrueNAS Core 13.0. (#1684)
  • Fix a bug when booting StorageCraft StorageProtect SPX. (#1683)
  • Auto remove the redundant trailing slash when set directory path on VentoyPlugson page.
  • languages.json update
  • New ISO support (total 920+)
  • Document: How To Delete Ventoy Secure Boot Key

Version number 1.0.78
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Ventoy
License type GPL
bootBrowserISOSoftwareUSBUSB stickVentoyWindows