Software Update: Tiny Personal Firewall 6.5.86

Tiny Software recently updated its firewall software to version 6.5.86. The download weighs a small 4MB and can here are being found. In this version we find support for IPv6 and improvements in the system security and network security components. The changelog of the last few versions shows the following changes:


  • IPv6 entries supported in Admin Tool
  • format check for IPv6, IPv4, protocol, number/range, port/range correct entry
  • updated system security and network security internal components


  • new design of Active Guards dialog
  • fixed Global Edit feature
  • changes in Select Applications menu
  • enable disable file protection simple rules
  • design changes in enroll and generate dialog
  • enroll single application into several groups simultaneously
  • ‘Preferred’ column added to rules list
  • support for alternate shells (desktop not using explorer.exe)
  • fixed incompatibility of the admin service with cygwin (cygrunsrv.exe)
  • reworked check for the administrator account
  • Activity Monitor improvements and fixes


  • all strings from UI moved to xml file located at uistrings.xml. You can change menus and options names based on your preference. Don’t forget to share your experience on the forum
  • AskUser rule audit levels inherited from the original rule
  • fix of the time interval convention bug (0 means every time)


Version number 6.5.86
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Tiny Software
File size


License type Shareware