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Version 9.4.4 of the more than twenty-year-old email client The Bat! it came out. The new director of the Moldovan company Ritlabs, Stefan Tanurkov, is fully committed to modernizing his program. For example, the HTML rendering engine of Chromium has replaced the outdated internal engine and that of Internet Explorer and there is now also a dark mode. The program has also undergone several changes in the interface and really looks much fresher than before. In version 9.4.4 the following changes and improvements have been made:

New features

  • Always show the Download button” option for HTML viewer
  • “Re-download images” command in the Image Download drop-down of the HTML viewer
  • Quick rule creation for the Image Download Manager


  • Better names for options for external resource download
  • Prevent entering invalid font names using font drop-down
  • Reduce flicker when downloading images explicitly


  • Manual spell checking was checking words from quotation in the HTML editor
  • Misspellings were not highlighted at the HTML editor startup
  • Address Book command “View messaging history with this person” did not activate the main window
  • Spell checker in the HTML editor was not immediately invoked
  • Current selection was cleared upon right clicking in the HTML editor
  • Paste HTML as quotation was adding extra text at the start
  • Images dropped into HTML messages were embedded with a wrong content type ID
  • Some HTML messages could cause AV errors when forwarded
  • Manual spell checker could freeze at the last misspelled word

Version number 9.4.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Ritlabs
File size


License type Paid
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