Download Syscalculcator Euro Edition 1.61a

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comp robot informs us that there is a new version of the Syscalculator Euro Edition. This version also releases the source code. This one is here to take down. In this version they also added the Greek currency.

[edit] There seems to be a serious bug in 1.61 which has since been fixed. Therefore, 1.61a is now in the URL. This version only has a bug fix compared to 1.61[/edit]

Below is the complete changelog of version 1.61.

  • New WizardExpress
  • Greek unit
  • Expandable to future currencies that will convert to euros.
  • The source code is under GNU license
  • Calculator
  • own language of your choice
  • choose one of currency units as default editor for nod-files
  • Improved interface (IE5 style)
  • extended configuration with language default, currency unit as default
  • Systray
  • Version number 1.61a
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
    Website TC Software
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