Software update: Sublime Text 4 build 4142

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Sublime Text is a comprehensive text editor that will mainly appeal to programmers. Among the long list opportunities include a minimap, the ability to select different sections in a text, which can then be edited simultaneously, syntax highlighting with support for more than forty languages, and the ability to use macros and Python-based plug-ins to use. Sublime Text is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and a license costs $99. That is per user and for a period of three years. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in Build 4142:

  • Added syntax-based code folding
  • Various syntax highlighting improvements
  • Newly rewritten Haskell syntax highlighting thanks to deathaxe
  • The recent file list is now global instead of per window
  • Files opened in Sublime Text are now added to the system recent file list (See the “update_system_recent_files” setting)
  • Added commands for converting between common identifier cases (See Edit > Convert Case)
  • Added “hot_exit_projects” setting to control what data gets saved in workspace files
  • Added “minimap_horizontal_scrolling” setting
  • Added “open_tabs_after_current” setting for controlling where tabs are opened
  • Added “show_spelling_errors” and “show_line_column” settings
  • Added “goto_anything_exclude_gitignore” setting
  • Added “ruler_style” setting
  • Reworked comment toggle to better handle embedded languages
  • Sub-word separators are now configurable using the “sub_word_separators” setting
  • Added support for Nordic (Windows 865) encoding
  • Reopening a file now asks for confirmation when there are unsaved changes
  • Improved file system symbolic link detection
  • Improved performance while open folders are scanned for the side-bar
  • Improved regex performance for syntax highlighting
  • Find: Patterns taken from an open file are now escaped for regex searches
  • Find in Files: Improved binary file detection for find-in-files
  • Find in Files: Find-in-files now supports project-relative patterns starting with //
  • Find in Files: Added the “find_in_files_max_file_size” setting
  • Syntax Highlighting: Context backtraces now link to their origin in sublime-syntax files
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed crash caused by starting a branch point at the end of a line
  • Syntax Highlighting: Fixed various syntax highlighting bugs related to backtracking
  • Rendering: Improved performance with large folded regions
  • Rendering: Fixed OpenGL issue related to the wrong context being active
  • Rendering: Fixed shadow related OpenGL rendering bug
  • Rendering: Fixed region rendering edge case
  • Rendering: Improved performance in files with large diffs
  • Rendering: Fixed various issues with faded labels in the sidebar
  • Rendering: Fixed text annotation underlines not drawing when combined with other font styles
  • Sort Lines no longer includes the newline at EOF when nothing is selected
  • Fixed very large unsaved files being lost on hot exit; a prompt is now shown to save them
  • Fixed extraneous window getting created at startup with hot exit disabled
  • Fixed case where multiple reload prompts could show simultaneously
  • Drag operations are no longer interrupted when reloading a file
  • Fixed case where text in command palette was incorrectly colored
  • Fixed side bar button theming issue in the Default theme
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to type a space after completing a snippet
  • Fixed wrong default extension being used in open file dialog
  • Fixed centered views jumping in some cases when whole content is replaced
  • Fixed scroll jumping when folding
  • Fixed Reveal in Side Bar not working in some cases
  • Fixed scroll bar sometimes showing when text is wrapped
  • Fixed sheets not being added to the current selection in some cases
  • Added missing theming attributes to update dialog
  • Linux: System scroll bar overlay settings are now followed
  • Linux: Fixed various issues caused by the C locale
  • Linux: Added safeguard around nested GTK main loops possibly causing data loss
  • Linux: Fixed case where dragging a tab to a window wasn’t working
  • Linux: Fixed crash on startup for some desktop environments
  • Linux: Fixed not being able to grab the scrollbar in a maximized window when at the right edge of the screen
  • Windows: Adjusted for the new Windows 11 window border
  • Windows: Open Containing Folder and similar now respect file explorer replacements
  • Windows: Fixed GDI font glow glyph positioning
  • Mac: Fixed license being removed due to network MAC address changing
  • Mac: Fixed cursor getting stuck as a resize handle on Ventura
  • Mac: Recent files are now available without having a window open
  • Mac: Fixed various issues with the quick switch project dialog
  • Mac: Fixed issue where dialogs could be triggered during dialogs
  • Mac: Fixed case when opening an already open file would jump to the start
  • Mac: Added work around for broken modal loops
  • Mac: Fixed case where settings window couldn’t be closed
  • Mac: Fixed open file dialog crash with some syntaxes
  • Mac: Fixed scrolling when command modifier key is pressed
  • Mac: Fixed Window/New Tab not working with the Adaptive theme
  • API: Added buffer variable to the console
  • API: A noop command can now be used for keybindings to block default behavior
  • API: “encoded_position”: true may be passed to open_file command for the same behavior as sublime.ENCODED_POSITION
  • API: View.context_backtrace can be used to get a stack trace from syntax highlighting
  • API: View.expand_to_scope now returns None when the text point doesn’t match the selector
  • API: Added View.expand_to_scope
  • API: Added Window.promote_sheet
  • API: Fixed crash when running hide_panel command from EventListener.on_deactivated
  • API: The toggle_comment command can now take a variant argument for languages ​​with multiple comment variants

Version number 4 build 4126
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Sublime HQ
License type Paid
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