Software Update: Skype for Windows beta

A new beta release of the Windows version of the VoIP program Skype has just been released. With this program, whatever for Linux and Mac OS X is available, you can talk to other users of this program for free. A subscription can also be taken out (SkypeOut), so that calls to fixed, mobile and foreign numbers are possible. In this version, among other things, the old sounds may have been added again, for those who did not like the new ones. The full changelog looks like this:

New features:

  • dropping file onto calltab initiates FT


  • included “Classic” sounds in Sounds Options
  • video not supported messages for Win98/2000
  • mood message removed from profile

Bug fixed:

  • can’t send contacts to multiple users.
  • memory leak in conference calls
  • History – Click on sent file opens C:
  • 98/Me: Cannot drag and drop files to send
  • call error descriptions were not displayed
  • installer only deletes default avatars
  • API – add OPEN VIDEOTEST command
  • Avatar selection opens slowly
  • Accessibility – call status is not available for screen reader
  • Accessibility – MSAA State_System_Selected not set accurately in lists
  • redialing number after new number input
  • logic of blocking and adding users
  • adding SO number – the old dialog opens
  • updates language files
  • icons shown when contact not expanded
  • Address bar unicode support
  • unknown number no avatar
  • emoticon list does not scroll with divider
  • range check error on some mood messages
  • hanging up voicemail from non-call tab
  • event panel sizing
  • updated EULA text (German version)
  • addressbar is not cleared, if you delete some kind of event from history
  • scrollbar covers the chat participants right edge
  • wrong confirmation text if selected calls are deleted
  • 98/Me – another username appears on input field
  • Import Contacts suggests to invite contacts that are already in my CL
  • eventspanel texts had different font size if system font size was changed from large to normal
  • high DPI (125% and higher) messed up the contact list view


Version number beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Skype
File size


License type Freeware