Software Update: SciTE 5.0.0

Version 5.0.0 of SciTE has been released. Scintilla Text Editor is an open source and cross platform text editor. It uses the open source Scintilla Text Editor library, which is from the same creators. This library is also used by other programs, including Notepad++. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux, and a commercial version for macOS can be found in Apple’s App Store. In addition, there is a standalone executable that can be conveniently carried on a USB stick. The changelog for this release can be found below.

Release 5.0.0

  • First version that separates Lexilla from Scintilla. Each of the 3 projects now has a separate history page but history before 5.0.0 remains combined.
  • Fix Alt+End (move to wrapped line end) for Japanese UTF-8 text. Bug #2231.
  • SciTE uses the “null” lexer when it doesn’t have a lexer assigned to a file. This avoids activating a Lua script lexer if one is assigned.

Version number 5.0.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website SciTE
License type GPL