Software Update: RJ TextEd 9.00

RJ TextEd is a free Swedish-made text editor. It has various features that are especially interesting for software and web developers, such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, extensive selection and sorting options and an embedded (s)ftp client. The program is being developed for Windows, but can also be used under Linux via Wine. Version 9.00 has been released and the changelog for this release looks like this:

Navigation history
Added navigation history buttons in the main toolbar. Back button, forward button and dropdown lists. You can also use Alt-Left or Alt-Right.

In options (Program -> Navigation history) you can set the number of saved navigation points and if you want to include main tab changes, like a switch to the file commander tab or the preview tabs. You can also activate full path hints, if the displayed file name is not enough.

Characters are now handled as integers (char = int). To assign a character variable you can do the following:
char wch = Ord(“A”);
int wch = Ord(“A”);
string s = “ABC”;
char wch = s[1]; // wch now contain the integer value of “A”,
which is 65.
In conditions you can use
if ( wch == Ord(“A”) ) { .. }
if ( Chr(wch) == “A” ) { .. }
Ord() converts a character, given as a string, to an integer value.
Chr() converts an integer value to a character, given as a string.

Options “Apply”
Added an “Apply” button in the options dialog window. This will set all options without closing the window.

Advanced tab color settings
You can now add folders as well as file extensions to set document tab colors. Also added up and down buttons to change the items position and priority in the list.

Delete duplicate lines
Added a function in “Edit -> More line operations” to remove duplicate lines. The function will preserve the first occurrence and then remove all duplicates inside the selection, or entire document if nothing is selected.

Search box in text clip tab
When you start type something all found clips are listed below the search box. Click or hit RETURN to select.

Recent traffic jams
Added an option to display the file name and full path on the same line. Added an option to display full path hints in the drop down menu.

Favorite files
Added an option to display the file name and full path on the same line. Added an option to display full path hints in the drop down menu.

Explorer tabs
Added a tree view button to the explorer tab toolbar. This will open or close a folder tree above the file list.


  • Made some changes to the syntax editor.
  • Made some changes to all dialog windows.
  • Added spell check options for line color and width.
  • Added a help menu item for regular expression.
  • Added a regular expression help button on the create regular expression window.
  • Changed some icons in the help menu.


  • Right ALT key in keyboard shortcuts should work now on English keyboard layouts.
  • Some search issues in the options windows.
  • Undo issue with multiple editing.
  • Error message when closing many files using a keyboard shortcut for “Close document”.
  • Network files were not added to the recently opened file list.
  • Empty [CurrentWord] argument when running help files as tools.
  • Fixed some links on the “Home” page.

Version number 9.00
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Rickard Johansson
File size


License type Freeware