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Resolume is an application specially developed for live video and can be used, for example, by VJs who give a live video performance. By using different keys on the keyboard or midi device, you can alternate, play over and edit images. Support is provided for common image file types, including avi, mov, mpg, swf, gif, jpg, bmp, and psd. In addition, a capture device, such as a camera, webcam or TV tuner, can be used. The developers have released Resolume Arena and Avenue 7.0.1 with the following announcement:

Resolume 7.0.1 – No Time to Shave or Shower

Right after a major release we always hope we can chill for a bit and maybe have time to shave and take a shower again. But that is never the case, when many people start using a major new version some issues always pop up that we want to fix as soon as possible.

This version fixes a few crashes. Improves importing version 6 compositions. And on some computers with AMD video cards it could not start-up, this is all fixed with this 7.0.1 release.

Fix List

  • #13078 Stuck on splash screen on some machines with Radeon GPU
  • #13069 Crash when setting a cue point
  • #12976 Removing a clip makes resolume freeze for a few second (with lots of clip in composition)
  • #13001 Dropping an AV file to the Video track of an AV clip replaces also the Audio track of the clip
  • #13017 Can’t move a clip that is “overlapped” by a persistent clip
  • #13053 Line Width not imported correctly
  • #13054 Envelope not imported from v6 to v7 composition correctly
  • #13055 Composition Beat Snap not imported from v6 to v7 composition correctly
  • #13068 Moving clip play position on a paused clip, then playing clip, doesn’t update clip audio position
  • #13073 Cue Points UI does not update when setting Cue Points for Clip that isn’t playing
  • #13070 Crash loading an advanced output preset with fixtures that are not available
  • #13072 Clip Position Label not updated when Clip is not playing or previewed
  • #13074 Duration for SMPTE and Denon clips is set to 5 seconds going from v6 to v7 composition
  • #13057 Some parameter values ​​wrong after importing composition from 6 to 7
  • #13074 Duration for SMPTE and Denon clips is set to 5 seconds going from 6 to 7
  • #13092 OSC deck/select int 0 switches decks

Version number 7.0.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website resolution
License type Shareware
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