Software update: PowerToys 0.41.4

Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys. The PowerToys are a collection of small programs for power users. There were PowerToys for Windows 95 and Windows XP and since mid-2019 Microsoft has also been developing a version for Windows 10. At the moment there are only a small number of programs left in the collection, including FancyZones, Windows key shortcut guide, PowerRename, PowerToys Run and Keyboard Manager. The following improvements have been made in this release:

Release v0.41.4

This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.41.3 we deemed important for stability based on user feedback. See v0.41.2 for full release notes.

  • #11898 – PowerToys Run crashing when selecting search results
  • #11912 – Awake has high CPU usage
  • #11955 – PowerToys Run error on Windows Startup
  • #11964 – Add “PowerToys” to Awake in systray
  • #12031 – FancyZones unable to start correctly
  • #12044 – Image resizes to 1×1

Version number 0.41.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 10
Website Microsoft
File size


License type GPL