Software update: Powertoys 0.15.2

Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys. The PowerToys are a collection of small programs for power users. There were PowerToys for Windows 95 and Windows XP and not too long ago Microsoft also started developing a version for Windows 10. At the moment there are only three programs left in the collection, namely FancyZones, Windows key shortcut guide and PowerRename, more are in the pipeline. The release notes for this version can be found below.

Release v0.15.2

This is patch release to fix a few items. This release will fix the issues below:

  • Installers now are signed with version number naming (#1444 this fix will also help in longer term stability for build infrastructure)
  • IO Exception handling in FancyZone editor (#1472, #1462, #1451)
  • Spelling mistake in settings (#1478)

For more details on the 0.15 full update, please look at those release notes

Version number 0.15.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 10
Website Microsoft
File size 3.71MB
License type GPL