Software update: Powerstrip 3.0 beta

3D Chipset notifies us of the release of Powerstrip 3.0 beta. This version is already slightly compatible with Windows Whistler Beta 1, but not everything works yet. More info below:

Powerstrip Utility v3.0 Beta Date: 11/26/00 Size: 418kb

Release Notes: PowerStrip beta has been posted that has been very quickly tested with a handful of cards under Whistler Beta 1. Registry switches like vsync on/off may not work, but the direct hardware control over things like clock speed, refresh rates, gamma and geometry should be Ok with a very broad range of chipsets: it was specifically tested with newer chips like the G450, Voodoo5, Radeon, Savage2k, i815, and GF2 MX, as well as a couple of older chips like the Number Nine Revolution IV . Note that this build is based on PowerStrip 3.0, and has a somewhat different look-and-feel and feature list compared to the official 2.78 release.

Version number 3.0 beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website 3D Chipset