Software update: Opera 7.60 preview 1

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In Opera’s support forums, the first preview of the forthcoming version 7.60 of the browser of the same name can be found. The list of changes is long. The first thing you notice when the browser is started is that you can choose whether only the browser should be started, or as “Internet Suite”. It is now also possible to control Opera via voice commands. Furthermore, this version should work better with Google’s GMail and the TLS code has been tinkered with, which could cause problems with some secure sites. The full release notes can be here will be reviewed, but here’s a summary of all the changes:

Changes in 7.60:

  • New start up options
  • Speech-enabled browsing
  • In-line error pages
  • Medium Screen Rendering
  • New support for specifications, including:
    • CSS3 speech module (properties new to CSS3 are prefixed -xv-)
    • XHTML+Voice 1.2
    • XMLHttpRequest, XMLSerializer, and DOMParser (interoperable with existing implementations)
    • DOM 3 Load & Save
    • TLS 1.1 (experimental)
    • TLS ServerName Extensions (experimental)
    • Transparent background (wmode) support for plugins
  • Display & Rendering (Presto)
    • Stability improvements
    • Numerous bug fixes for HTML, XML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript
    • Added Fit to width (MSR) rendering mode
    • Upgraded Small screen rendering mode to include more of the page’s styling
    • Fixed handling or nested floats
    • Several fixes related to bidirectional text support
    • Fixed problem where images would stop displaying after using Opera for an extended period of time
    • Added more aggressive error recovery for some HTTP pipeline problems
  • Opera Chat
    • Fixed problem connecting to IRC for accounts with more than one server
    • Added ban and kick with reason commands
  • Opera Mail (M2)
    • Better handling of multiple email addresses for contacts
    • Improved consistency of newsfeed checking
    • New Mark thread as read command
    • Silently respect a news server’s maximum connection count
    • Fixed updating when toggling Mark messages as filtered
    • Better indexing of words for searching
  • printing
    • Fixed problem where form element status was forgotten when toggling print preview
    • Fixed text overlap caused by zooming in print preview
    • Fixed problem where the footer overwrote itself when printing
  • User Interface
    • Added new options to the first-time setup dialog
    • Implemented in-line error pages
    • Fixed problem selecting the first letter in a selection with the mouse

Version number 7.60 preview 1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Opera
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License type Spy/Adware