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cloth man writes: “A minor update with a lot of bug fixes. It is likely that Opera is now applying WinAMP’s marketing strategy, releasing a minor update every month to keep them in the picture.”

The list of improvements is indeed huge:

  • Added filtering and display of third party cookies
  • Added object literals to ES
  • added a GetSuggestedFileNameFormated function to format filenames, converts %20 to spaces etc. shown in mail
  • added AUTOVSCROLL to serial number edit field, without this the serial number would be cut if the code was wider than the edit field
  • added progressdialog on compress mailbox
  • fixed flag error when not reading all raw data while decompressing
  • Fixed toString for A and AREA
  • Bug fix for layered forms.
  • Attempted to fix escaped newlines in ES (accepted by IE and NS). This actually breaks the ES262 standard.
  • adjustments to the showing of default application, file-type preferences
  • fixed array size of content-type on multipart mails, could cause type set to text/plain
  • Eudora contact import/address book import
  • CTRL + ‘+’ & ‘-‘ zoom up/down 100%
  • Dropdown history does not take keystrokes when not visible
  • Fixed authentication problems, especially with digest authentication and proxies.
  • Fixed problem with end of connection (error/authentication) for firewall tunneling
  • Fix in default port for proxy
  • Format the filenames used to name attachments
  • Fixed problem with FTP error codes that were non-standard 250 in response to SIZE) or handled wrong in (530 and wrong PASSWD)
  • Removed some CtlColor message handling that had some bizarre effects, registration dialog
  • Implemented window.prompt()
  • Bugfix for window.scrollTo
  • CTRL + I changed to SHIFT + G, Load All Images
  • Fixed problem with location.hash, wouldn’t include leading #
  • Removed “JavaScript AppVersion” from ini file-is now extracted from the useragent string.
  • N -> U, P -> J and the SHIFT + counterparts
  • Fixed a problem with the onfocus event handler.
  • Made the Eudora contact import more robust
  • some internal error handling changes
  • keyboard shortcuts for zoom changed back to +/- 10% and +/- 100% with ‘+’&’-‘
  • Eudora import fixes
  • Broke the ECMA standard again, this time the do-while statement.
  • Crash fix for function expressions.
  • Corrected ifdefs, this had effect on news client (toolbar and secure connections)
  • fix: JavaScript couldn’t reference iframes with document.iframe.
  • fix: Keyboard handling in e-mailer started on fix, not ready yet, but better.
  • minor update to ecmascript parser
  • changed text for news internal errors, includes last sent command
  • fix to mailpreferences that caused the settings to never be saved
  • Fixed third party cookies problem
  • Fixes for and document.location
  • Fix: Add current document via Ctrl+T without Hotlist window visible
  • Numeric login names
  • Fix (mail): Stores the sort information
  • Mail fix: Automatic filtering of incoming mail wouldn’t work if the hotlist was closed
  • [mail] Store PW to disk had some minor bugs
  • [mail] Doesn’t allow the user to change sort order until after the population has finished. Any attempts to do so will be cached and executed afterwards
  • [mail] Numeric login names fixed
  • [ui] Fix to shortcut key G, ctrl and none had same functionality
  • [core] Clean up handling of encoding names. Ampersands could destroy urls etc.
  • [ui] Changed mail shortcut, ctrl+b to Shift+Ctrl+B mark as unmarked
  • [core] Entity references in URLs must now be terminated with ‘;’.
  • [ui] Create autocomplete dropdown based on settings. Only for new windows.
  • [ui] New FTP directory text (up to parent)
  • [script] Fixes for window.innerHeight and window.innerWidth
  • [script] Crash fix for navigator.language
  • [script] implemented textarea.form
  • [ui] Popup link now displayed with escapes removed
  • [core] Fixes in HTMLifying URLs
  • [core] Fix in URL parsing
  • [core] Fixed problem with GetURL, where history was being overwritten.
  • [mail] fix to the core system so that it is possible to store numerical values ​​as strings
  • [mail] fix to the search window, on occation it would not display any results
  • [core] made width calculation of SELECT work again
  • [script] Opera now sets navigator.appName to “Opera” when using Opera userAgent
  • [script] Reinsert a lot of javascript methods

Version number 4.02
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
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