Software update: NewsReactor build 9030

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DaanSystems released build 9030 of NewsReactor yesterday. This program is a newsreader for usenet groups and can easily download the files that are offered there. There is support for Smart UU, Base64 and decoding yEnc with error correction. Furthermore, it is also possible to set the bandwidth used. Below are all the changes made since build 9020:

Changes since build 9020:

  • When connection is broken during scanning. Scanning continues where it stopped. Also the connection is retrieved the amount in settings.
  • Fixed a possible crash when leaving options.
  • Fixed a crash moving items to top.
  • Fixed sorting when not using multigroups.
  • Quick fix on queuing.
  • Fixed groups view in options.
  • Fixed a stall when scanning.
  • Adding items to the queue was in the wrong order.
  • Queue is stored to db immediately.
  • A tweak on sorting.
  • Fixed sorting I hope.
  • Some headers didn’t show.
  • Fixed part count for multigroups.
  • Fixed enqueuing multigroup in the wrong order.
  • I’ve set the maximum amount of headers to scan to 100,000 at this point. This causes new users not to freak out on the length scans. You can change this in options->advanced (0=all).


Version number build 9030
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website DaanSystems
File size


License type Shareware