Software Update: NewsBin Pro 6.60 Build 3733 Beta 1

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The first beta release of NewsBin Pro version 6.60 has been released. With this program, files such as photos, videos and programs can be retrieved from usenet. It has everything you would expect from a usenet downloader, such as support for multi-threading, ssl and autopar. Furthermore, there are extensive filter options and an optional Usenet search service can be used. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Version 6.60 Beta 1 Build 3733

  • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn’t support TLS
  • Now supports SickBeard. Go under the Options menu and look for “SickBeard Integration”.
  • New Watchlist interface.
  • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
  • Download list and Files list now performs a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.
  • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities. – A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going. – If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly. – If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.
  • NZB filenames are now delimited in the download list with brackets.
  • Created different defaults for both Grid lines and background color.
  • Changed the watch list icon.
  • The Add Filter dialog has been redesigned
  • Incomplete status has priority over Info status for posts.
  • Increased the number of entries in the Search History dropdown list.
  • Made changes to bypass “delete to recycle bin” for some newsbin specific files, like chunk files
  • NZB pathing changes. $(GROUP) and Nzbfile modes are now mutually exclusive.
  • Rewrite of notification functionality (growl and sickbeard)
  • Removed switch to load NZB to post list during startup on TCP interface loader. It always loads to download list now in those to cases.
  • Perform database integrity check on startup. Could be slow if you have a really big (like 1000’s of files) download list.
  • AutoPAR changes to better manage PAR2 files and keep context over restarts.
  • Fixed issue with NZB load filters containing spaces in the name not being applied.
  • NZB Load filter now applies twice. – First at the file level to remove files that don’t match the subject filter. – Second at the combined file level to handle compacted sets.
  • Upgraded pathing selection in NZB Watch to be consistent with other places.
  • Spruced up the Notification window
  • Made change so saved chunks are deleted as soon as an assembly completes.
  • Added NZB Filename to post processing script parameters.
  • Fixed issue with right-click/Delete not working for the Image DB.
  • Can now edit paths inline instead of having to hit the Change button first.
  • If an NZB was used to load a file set, now shows the NZB in the download list entry with the subject.
  • Changed when looking for RAR’d or zipped NZB files to make sure to only look at part #1’s
  • Now renders the path in the download list instead of showing $() values
  • Change to not rename pars if autopar is disabled
  • If Newsbin has to use the default download path, strip off any path variables before using it
  • Can now select a download location for the watch topics feature
  • Can now specify download and unrar folder per GOG or group.
  • Group options now use the same “Change” path picker as main download list.
  • Options to disable NZB and UNRAR paths have been removed. You either have a path set or you don’t.

Version number 6.60 build 3733 beta 1
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware
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